Daisy Chupacabra
Daisy Chupacabra

10 Wheel Drive

Daisy Chupacabra was designed to go over all of the defenses in this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition, Stronghold. The 10 wheel drives provides us with the stability needed to go over the defenses and allows us to move swiftly through the field.

Daisy Chupacabra Profile

Full Specifications


  • Geared For 14.5 Ft/Sec
  • 10 Wheel Drive, Using 10x 6” Performance Wheels
  • Powered By 4x CIM Motors and 2x Mini-CIM Motors
  • Wheels Configured In ‘V’ Pattern
  • Outer Wheels Never Touch The Ground, Inner 3 Wheels Pivot.
  • Provides Robot With Stability Crossing Defenses And Agility Maneuvering Around The Field


  • Single Jointed Arm
  • Powered By 1x CIM Motor On A 228:1 Reduction
  • Ground To 90 deg. In 1s


  • Intake As Wide As Robot, Makes It Easy To Pull Balls Out Of Corners
  • Intake/Centering Rollers Powered By 4x 775pro Motors
  • Takes .5s To Intake Ball And Prepare For Shooting


  • Perpendicular To Intake, Allows Arm Position To Adjust Shooter Angle
  • Shoots From Opposite End Of Intake, Reducing Time Spent Turning When Cycling Balls
  • Shooter Is Powered By 2x Mini-CIM Motors Geared Up 2.25:1
  • 2” Stealth Wheels Spinning at 12,000+ RPM
  • Can Make Shots From As Far Out As Outerworks And As Close As Batters


  • Single Stage Lift, Contained Within Arm
  • Spring Loaded Out, Winched In By Drivetrain PTO
  • PTO From Drivetrain Provides 1,900W Of Power To Scale Tower
  • Total Time To Climb Is <1s


  • Gyro - Analog Devices ADXRS453
  • LED Driver - Holtek HT16K33
  • Operating Input Voltage: 1.5V-15V
  • Maximum Output Current: 0.8A @ 5V
  • Conformal Coating processed to IPC-A-610
  • Conforms to National Instruments MXP expansion port dimensional requirements
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs.

CowMXP 2.0 The Only MXP Board You’ll Need

Product Information

The CowMXP 2.0 board is engineered specifically for the strenuous requirements of FRC robots. Providing centralized ports for analog inputs and quadrature encoders, wiring is simplified while reducing potential failure points and improper installation. Brownouts caused by excessive current draw or low battery voltage is no longer an issue for sensors when plugged into CowMXP. All of our outputs use our dedicated power supply to ensure optimal performance throughout a match. A high performance, low noise and vibration rejection gyro is provided to enable superior navigation capabilities. A quad-alphanumeric display is included to display critical information specified by the user before and after a match.

Cow MXP 1.0

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