The mission of The Holy Cows is to embody and support the spirit and goals of FIRST, and to equip members with real world skills and working knowledge. The Holy Cows work year round to grow an appreciation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and give back to their community and beyond.


Kiet Chau

Kiet Chau

Kiet, a native from West Covina, is an entrepreneur, specializing in software and IT. He got involved in FIRST when he joined Team 968, Robotics Alliance of West Covina. After graduating from West Covina High School, he became a mentor for Team 968 as well as other FIRST teams. After receiving a full time job offer from Qualcomm, he became a full time mentor of The Holy Cows. As a mentor of The Holy Cows, he assists in programming and mechanical design, is the drive coach, and a sponsor for the team. Currently, Kiet is an Engineer at Qualcomm and CEO at Vivid-Hosting.

Cathy Schulz

Cathy Schulz

Cathy became involved with Team 1538 when her son joined the team for the 2010 season she soon became the team mom, organizing parents, traveling with the team and feeding everyone during build season and at competitions. Wanting to become more involved with the team she took over mentoring the Business department and our Community Outreach. Cathy has worked full time teaching kindergarten for the past nine years.

Helen Chau

Helen Chau

Helen is a San Diego transplant from Los Angeles. She graduated from University of California, San Diego in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She is currently an Embedded Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman. After joining The Holy Cows in 2012, she now serves assisting in programming and electrical design.

Rene Haro

Rene Haro

Rene joined the team in 2013. As a former member, mentor, and drive coach of Team 399 Eagle Robotics, Rene brings 16 years of experience in the FIRST program. As a mentor of The Holy Cows, Rene assists with game analysis, scouting, and digital media. He is also certified by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and registered with the California Interscholastic Federation as a youth coach. Currently, Rene is a Senior Mobile Interaction Designer for Princess Cruises.

Team Leaders


Director of Business

Jackson joined the team as a freshman in need of an extracurricular activity. At the beginning of his first season, he found an fascination in scouting and pursued that interest throughout the rest of the year as well as including some work within engineering and business. After competition season, he started to receive more of an attraction to the business side of the team. Specifically, funding our team by writing grants and sponsor proposals. During his second year as a member on the team, he discovered a newly found interest in engineering. He became more involved with the engineering side of the team and is learning more everyday. Jackson continues to explore different opportunities the team has to offer. He is now the Business Director on the team, overseeing all non-engineering related activities within the team. As of now, Jackson is unsure of his future career, but looks forward to exploring different opportunities through the team.


Engineering Director

Mario Avila joined The Holy Cows when he was an 8th grader at High Tech Middle Media Arts. He joined wanting to learn something new and the topic of robotics intrigued him. Throughout build season he found himself as part of the build and design process which suddenly sparked his interest in the engineering side of the team. For competition season, after putting in a lot of hours he worked his way to be; the operator on the drive team in his Freshman year, the driver is his Sophomore year as well as his Junior year. Now he is the Director of Engineering who oversees all engineering related activities on the team. In hope that he can pass down his knowledge to newcomers of the team just like previous veterans did for him.


Manager of Mechanical

Udeema joined the team as a freshman in 2014 wanting to learn more about engineering. During the 2015 season she helped out with the designing and building process during build season. She was a scout during competitions and found it to be a great experience. Her next season she was also a part of the manufacturing team and was a part of pit crew during competition season. She has immensely enjoyed her past two years on the team and looks forward to another great year.


Manager of Controls

Greta joined the team in her freshman year, after hearing about the amazing robotics team that had won a world-renowned award in 2013. Interested in STEM and wanting to strengthen her understanding of computer programming, she thought she would give joining the team a try. She has been involved in the electronics and and programming side of the team since the 2015 season, after testing the waters in engineering during her first year. She also enjoys teaching other people about controls, and looks forward to working with the new and returning members in the coming year.


Manager of Fundraising

Beatrice Petelo joined the team as a sophomore to gain experience in STEM. During her first two seasons, she explored both the engineering and business aspects of the team, trying to find the right fit. Beatrice found herself gravitating towards the business department and landed the position of Manager of Fundraising for the 2016/2017 season. During competition season, she worked as scout and gathered information about the robots. She is looking forward to the rest of her final season and hopes it will be great.


Manager of Community Relations

Kinsey Garcia joined the team as a junior interested in increasing her knowledge of STEM and have another extracurricular. At the beginning of her first season she was interested in scouting. During the season she learned about all the tricks and trades of scouting and became a scout at competition. She loved being on the team so much that she wanted to become more involved. In junior year she applied for Manager of Community Relations and got it. Kinsey is currently a senior and is getting ready to apply to colleges.


High Tech High Liason

Jeff Raymond joined the team as a freshman waiting for the chance to finally be able to join the team. He has always been interested in engineering and stem type subjects so this easily interested him. Going through the different departments Jeff really found interest in scouting, where he led one of the two scouting teams at the several competitions his rookie year. As Jeff got more and more involved with the team he started helping the other departments in any way he could, fetching tools, pre-scouting robots, returning balls to the drive team and human player. Throughout all of the time he was learning anything and everything he could, yet he still found himself in scouting leading the charge at competitions. His junior year Jeff was asked to be the liaison for High Tech High and gladly accepted. Now his senior year, his final year on the team, Jeff is devoted to helping out, not only in his school but in every department of the team that he can.


High Tech High International Liaison

Daniel Marquez joined the team as a freshman after first hearing about The Holy Cows his eighth grade year. After attending the 2014 San Diego regional he was convinced to join the team. The following year he attended the first meeting and was sucked into the world of FIRST. He received training from The Holy Cows by competing in a VEX competition, and serving as a pit crew member during the annual offseason event: Battle at the Border. Throughout the remainder of his rookie season he worked in the scouting department, and yearned to increase the team’s influence at his school. Which would later come to a realization as the Liaison for High Tech High International. Using what he learned during his rookie season, he was able to apply himself as a more effective scout throughout the following season.


High Tech High Media Arts Liaison

Bryce Kerr Joined the team as a sophomore looking to become more involved in the High Tech High community. After being on one of The Holy Cow’s VEX teams Bryce soon found just how fun being a part of the team was. As Bryce gained more confidence with the team he was able to be a part of the pit crew in an off season competition that the team co-hosts called battle at the border. This led Bryce to move on through the rest of his rookie season as a member of the pit crew. After Bryce’s first season he became more involved with the team and became the liaison for High Tech High Media Arts, he would go on to be the team’s human player for that year. Moving on to the year ahead Bryce plans to create a bigger Holy Cow presence inside of High Tech High Media Arts, so students can learn more about the team and see what we do as a whole(-y cow).


Mission Bay High School Liaison

Sarah Mola Joined the team in her freshman year hoping to pursue her love of science and to get more insight into the field of engineering. After putting in much work during the build season of her freshman year she worked as a scout, gathering data on the robots. She went to all the competitions that year and discovered how much fun and how cool the team was. After her first season she was able to show how dedicated she was and applied to go to china. She got in and learned a lot about how the team works. Sarah hopes to be able to continue to contribute and work on the team all throughout high school.

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